Synchrono® strategic partners benefit from introducing our solutions to their clients and include best in class systems integrators, resellers and consultants.

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CSC is a global leader in next-generation IT services and solutions. The company’s mission is to enable superior returns on clients’ technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale. CSC’s decades of experience in manufacturing consulting, business systems, technology integration and outsourcing services help manufacturers achieve results.

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IBM Global Business Services is the world’s largest consulting and services company, bringing together a unique set of capabilities to meet customers’ needs. Professional experts help companies develop business and IT strategies and implement business processes. IBM GS has the largest and most experienced Synchrono practice in the world, offering unparalleled technical and industry experience to implement our technology.

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Savigent Software delivers highly efficient manufacturing systems and provides customers with flexible software solutions for their workflow automation, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration needs. Synchrono partners with Savigent for components of its operations management platform, to deliver an entirely demand-based and integrated operations management system.

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Macresco is a management-consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve transformative results. We believe in the radical possibility of workplaces that are both productive AND humanistic as well as the profound impact employee engagement has on performance. Our practice enables enterprise excellence through intervention across three core service pillars: Strategy, organization and operations. Whether the goal is growth, charting future opportunity or triage, Macresco helps clients better capitalize on the value of their business, tune in to the needs of their employees and eliminate complexity to bring their vision into focus.

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Pragmatek Consulting Group delivers business improvement and enabling technologies through management consulting and implementation services. Pragmatek Consulting is highly regarded for coupling business savvy with technological expertise to deliver lasting and formidable competitive advantage.

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Solugenix offers IT consulting services to support the evolving business needs of their world-class clients. Solugenix’s offers consulting and managed services that are tightly focused on continuous improvements to ensure the optimization of IT investments. Solugenix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is certified to implement our integrated products to Microsoft Dynamics AX products.

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Heddock is a premier management and consulting group, offering expertise in management consulting, software and technology services throughout the European market. Heddock is a certified implementation partner with the appropriate technical and business skills to fully implement our leading technology offerings.

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