Kanban software that drives real-time demand signals across your supply chain.

SyncKanban™ software is an automated, pull-based inventory replenishment system that keeps instantaneous supply chain signals moving through your organization at lightning speed, helping you to:

  • Reduce inventory and carrying costs
  • Shorten lead and replenishment times by up to 30%
  • Improve on-time delivery.

View our demo to see how you can manage high throughput demands with minimal inventory.


Respond instantly to variations in demand.

SyncKanban is an eKanban or electronic Kanban system that gives you the confidence to respond instantly to changes in demand while maintaining minimal inventory. The software does this by aligning inventory levels with actual consumption in real-time, sending demand signals to your suppliers to replenish parts as needed. These signals are tracked through the replenishment cycle, providing visibility to both you and your supplier.

  • Real-time status is visible to all
  • Quickly respond to changes in demand
  • Automatically resize Kanbans and adjust K-Loop™ sizes

Learn more about pull-based eKanban systems by reading our white paper.

Take the complexity out of complex supply chains.

The agility and automation inherent in SyncKanban helps to simplify management of even complex supplier networks – including those with tens of thousands of parts, interplant transfers, overseas locations and large extended supply chains.

  • Automate internal and external supplier replenishment
  • Lighten supermarket and supplier loads
  • Increase capacity

Read a client success story to learn how our software reduced inventory, improved cash flow and increased capacity in a complex supply network.

Gain control through automation.

SyncKanban completely automates the replenishment loop to reduce costs and waste while improving flow. We also remove the need for your buyers and planners to manage every signal in the chain, including administrative paperwork associated with the replenishment process, freeing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Streamline purchase order cycles and administration
  • Gain insight from deep reporting and analytics
  • Create a more predictable environment

Customers have told us they chose SyncKanban because the software drives flow and works in tandem with their existing systems – we don’t try to replace your ERP or other systems – we work with it to give you all the information you need. Better yet, SyncKanban is easy-to-use and a great value, especially given the near immediate return on investment.

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