SyncManufacturing On-Demand Software Demonstration

SyncManufacturing software synchronizes planning, scheduling and production execution in demand-driven manufacturing environments to drive end-to-end production flow. This software demonstration provides a high-level overview of the capabilities of the system, including its patented scheduling algorithm for managing constraints to improve throughput.






Improve flow, increase capacity, and gain a competitive advantage

SyncManufacturing™ software is the only system that offers a real-time, adaptive scheduling process that manages production from a value-stream perspective. SyncManufacturing creates a true, demand-driven, pull environment that takes a customer and order-centric view of the manufacturing process to optimize flow through the entire system rather than individual resources. Throughput is enhanced by decreasing work in process (WIP), boosting inventory turns, reducing cycle times and moderating variation across all resources.

SyncManufacturing uses a unique prioritization method based on cycle consume calculations to synchronize the workforce, method, materials and machines throughout the enterprise. Schedules and priorities are dynamically adjusted based on variability, empowering workers with clear knowledge of what to work on next.

CONLOAD™ is a patented continuous load methodology that is unique to SyncManufacturing. CONLOAD controls when work is released to the shop floor and determines the overall pace of the manufacturing process, which results in increased flow. The CONLOAD methodology embodies demand-driven manufacturing by focusing on constraints to set the pace and by gating work into production based on actual performance and the capacity of the shop floor. Demand signals are delivered upstream to work centers to produce only when downstream control points – or customers – indicate.

SyncManufacturing is a powerful end-to-end software solution that drives production and:

  • Accelerates throughput
  • Increases supply chain efficiency and effectiveness
  • Achieves consistent cycle times
  • Increases on-time delivery
  • Manages supply replenishment
  • Balances work-in-process
  • Reduces manual expediting
  • Boosts inventory turns
  • Maximizes profitability
  • Enables continuous improvement


How It Works

Demand-Driven SyncManufacturing™ manages variability in real-time by continuously aligning priorities to customer due date using a unique cycle consume percentage algorithm that synchronizes your people, materials, machines, method and data. It signals when all available inputs for an operation are ready, tracking all known variations and enabling operators to make the best possible decisions, and only elevating expediting when an order is truly in jeopardy of being late. By focusing on constraints and control points, SyncManufacturing regulates workflow using its patented CONLOAD™ methodology that continually monitors order status, quantifies process variability, adjusts material requirements accordingly, and subordinates WIP to levels that enhance inventory flow through the process. With every key resource in the supply chain in sync and focused on achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and delivery requirements, the result is greater customer loyalty and a clear competitive advantage.

Synchrono® clients reduce waste, align themselves for optimized flow and dynamically adjust production plans as issues arise. With SyncManufacturing, manufacturers execute flawlessly, synchronizing processes to enhance flow, communicate effectively and meet customer demands on-time.


Request a Customized Demo

SyncManufacturing is an enterprise-class software system that includes a wealth of features and capabilities not covered in this brief demo. For a better understanding of how SyncManufacturing will work in your unique environment, we encourage you to request a demo that will reflect your operations and supply chain goals and the metrics you would like to influence. Request your custom demo here.