Case Studies that demonstrate a substantial return on investment

Case studies tell powerful stories of results. Review this sampling of Synchrono case studies to learn how we’ve helped transform these manufacturers – reducing inventory and lead times, increasing capacity, improving on-time delivery and more with real-time, demand-driven solutions.

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Pyrotek Success Story

ETO Manufacturer, Pyrotek, synchronizes production with demand, driving on-time delivery and increased throughput. Download to read their story.


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Synchrono client Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK, Aerospace Structures Division

Orbital ATK is a leading supplier of composite structures for the aerospace and defense industries.

  • Increased A350 program from a 1 rate to a 4 rate with an expected 12 rate in two years.
  • Decreased costs by effectively managing resources and downtime events.
  • Reduced unplanned work stoppages caused by ineffective processes and machine downtime events.
  • Fewer missed shipments and lower inventory buffer requirements.



Watch the video case study presented at the IndustryWeek Manufacturing and Technology Conference:



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Dynisco Client Success Story

Dynisco is a leader in plastics extrusion processing and the manufacturer of Vertex™, an innovative mercury-free pressure sensor.

  • Reduced replenishment inventory by 40%
  • Improved inventory turns by 91%
  • Lead times reduced from 12 to 2 weeks increasing revenue by millions


GIW Industries Client Success Story

GIW is a single source manufacturer of slurry and process pumps

  • Improved delivery predictability.
  • Shrunk cycle times.
  • Doubled revenue in just 2.5 years.


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Rex Materials Group (RMG) Client Success Story

Rex Materials provides heat containment solutions.

  • Reduced lead times from 3-4 weeks to less than 5 days.
  • Improved on-time shipments from 50% to 98%.


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Wenger Case Study

Wenger is a capital equipment manufacturer for extrusion processing applications

  • Reduced inventory by 15%, primarily in WIP areas.
  • Decreased low-stock items by 25%.


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Sumiden Wire Case Study

Sumiden Wire is a manufacturer for the spring industry, and a subsidiary of Sumitomo

  • Increased production by 10%, setting all-time record.
  • Increased single-machine utilization capacity from 65% to 100%


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Sundowner Trailers Case Study

Sundowner Trailers manufacturers premium horse trailers

  • Implemented in just 4 months.
  • Reduced day-long reporting to seconds.