Gain instant insight

SyncView® is a real-time, synchronized manufacturing visualization and communication system that gives everyone the ability to monitor equipment and process status as it happens – from wherever they are. Through simple, self-directed drag and drop screens, SyncView® software lets you visualize data the way you want to see it; giving you instant access to manufacturing intelligence that will drive quality decisions throughout your organization and empower continuous improvement initiatives.


Access actionable information

SyncView® software provides a single window into your digital ecosystem with the ability to visualize information from any available data source. You can view real-time information from machines, tools, sensors, enterprise systems, applications and Synchrono® software through an unlimited number of display and data configurations. Simply create custom, role- or work-cell based dashboards and choose from various chart and graph formats to display data. Machine and work-cell icons display color-coded statuses for instant, at-a-glance recognition.

With the SyncView® visualizations, everyone is on the same page, giving you actionable data for operations management and to make a difference in:

  • Active velocity and flow monitoring
  • Current maintenance status, escalation and action items
  • Resource and operations optimization
  • Engineering and product level diagnostics

SyncView® software serves as your multi-enterprise manufacturing network information system, providing complete transparency and ensuring everyone is working from the same data, with clear priorities.


Easily create custom views

SyncView® software enables the visual factory through simple drag-and-drop technology that allows you to easily create unique data-connected dashboard visualizations that you can use and share.

  • Production management – machine operators can view machine metrics in real time and take corrective action towards production goals.
  • Operations management – supervisors can combine productivity and quality data to assess operational health – quickly, via mobile or standard devices.
  • Continuous improvement – engineers can connect to machine parameters to diagnose and discover process changes for Lean and continuous improvement initiatives.


The factory of the future provides real-time visualizations and manufacturing dashboards that inform and empower, keeping everyone in sync. Request a demo to see for yourself.