Manufacturing Podcast: Demand-Driven Matters


Current Episodes:

E7 | Three Key Strategies Driving Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturers are meeting complex market demands while maintaining desired levels of customer satisfaction, supplier performance and production throughput by applying Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing strategies that enable a more connected environment and serve as the catalyst for progressive concepts, including the IIoT, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and more. This episode provides an overview of the three key strategies of Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing.

E1|  What is Demand-Driven Manufacturing?

Demand Driven Manufacturing combines the best of Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma to manage constraints, improve flow and drive on time delivery. Also explained is how Demand Driven Manufacturing enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0.




E2| 5 Key Elements that Drive Flow – Part 1: Controlling the Release

This is the first in a series of podcast episodes that focus on The 5 Key Elements that Drive Flow for Demand-Driven Manufacturing environments. This episode, Controlling the Release, addresses how you can increase flow by gating work into production based on the capacity of your constraint(s).



E3| 5 Key Elements that Drive Flow – Part 2: Synchronize Activities

This is the second in our series addressing the five key elements that drive production flow in Demand-Driven Manufacturing environments. Experts discuss the impact of aligning people, materials, machines, method and data – and more.


E4| 5 Key Elements to Drive Flow – Part 3: Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is the focus of the third installment in our series, the 5 Key Elements to Drive Flow. This episode reviews best practice approaches for Continuous Improvement and its impact on Demand-Driven Manufacturing flow.


E5 | 5 Key Elements to Drive Flow – Part 4: Extend to the Supply Chain

This episode of Demand-Driven Matters is the fourth in the series focusing on the 5 key elements that drive demand-driven manufacturing production flow. In this episode, the focus is on how to engage and synchronize the external supply chain through proactive communication, consumption-based replenishment and more.

E6 | 5 Key Elements to Drive Flow – Part 5: Align Metrics

This, the final installment in the series, 5 Key Elements to Drive Flow, focuses on metrics. Experts discuss suggested metrics to focus on to improve and maintain an optimal rate of production flow.