Transform how you see your business

The Synchrono®Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform is a collection of systems that enable the real-time visual factory of the future. We’ve combined the power of demand-driven planning and scheduling with manufacturing operations’ capabilities and more to provide everyone at every level of your organization with a dynamic view of what’s happening at every stage of your manufacturing process; from order inception through production and delivery.

By integrating demand-driven, Pull-based, Lean and constraints management principles across your organization, you reduce variability and increase velocity throughout your plant and extended supply chain. Our video explains how:

Real-time information, real-time communication

More and more manufacturers are making the move towards demand-driven manufacturing to maintain – or gain – an edge in today’s competitive landscape. In synchronizing your resources and systems, you gain a more fluid, transparent environment with real-time access to information across your operations and extended supply chain.

• Sync systems and resources
• Respond to real demand
• Predict and pre-empt issues

Make instant, informed decisions that improve flow at every stage of your manufacturing process – and get everyone on the same page with clear priorities. On-time delivery, improved predictability and greater overall performance will follow.

Synchronize your workforce, methods, machines, materials and information

Synchrono® manufacturing software systems are powerful on their own and when integrated with each other – and your machines and enterprise systems under the Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform – you can take your manufacturing operations to a new level, transforming your business.

Real-time, self-service manufacturing visualization and communication system

Value Independently
  • Connects to any data source for enterprise wide equipment, process and metrics monitoring
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity empowers anyone to create individual, work-cell or enterprise-wide dashboard displays
  • Supports predictive and prescriptive analysis that exposes data and encourages action
  • Empowers more informed decision-making and continuous improvement efforts
Value on the Platform
  • Creates visual communications boards with real-time production status from SyncManufacturing for the entire enterprise to view
  • Displays real-time SyncKanban replenishment signals as they move through your organization
  • Presents real-time machine status and work cell performance through SyncOperations — as well as actionable information that helps drive flow through the organization
  • Quickly see all issues logged in SyncAlertthat are open or in process

Demand-driven planning, scheduling and execution software

Value Independently
  • Creates real-time demand pull
  • Increases flow
  • Optimizes throughput
  • Reduces inventory costs
  • Drives on-time production and customer satisfaction
Value on the Platform
  • Dynamically aligns production resources based on machine status signals from SyncOperations
  • Incorporates the status of Kanbans and supermarket health from SyncKanbaninto an integrated manufacturing plan and execution process
  • Clearly communicates operational performance and status via SyncView
  • Adjusts the production plan as needed based on escalation and action plans communicated from SyncAlert

Pull-based inventory replenishment software for supply chain execution and collaboration

Value Independently
  • Sends real-time demand signals across the supply chain
  • Optimizes inventory levels
  • Resizes Kanbans and adjusts K-Loops® automatically
  • Improves visibility and cash flow
  • Automates supplier replenishment
Value on the Platform
  • Aligns inventory consumption information to identify material constraints and adjusts SyncManufacturingplanning and scheduling
  • Coordinates supplier replenishment with open purchase orders and financial data collected in SyncOperations
  • Makes on-hand inventories and supplier replenishment data visible to everyone via SyncView
  • Emptied Kanbans can signal an alert using SyncAlert
Powered by Savigent

Gathers and analyzes information from enterprise and machine-level systems for driving workflow, contextualizing and historizing data for smart monitoring and synchronization of equipment and processes

Value Independently
  • Enables real-time workflow automation of events and actions
  • Collects and analyzes time-series process and event-based context data during 
every phase of production
  • Aggregates data from Synchrono systems, as well as from machine-level and disparate enterprise systems
  • Provides actionable information to engineering and continuous improvement teams
Value on the Platform
  • Works with SyncManufacturing to pull real-time completion and consumption data from machines and to notify scheduling and execution when a machine has a disruption
  • Historize contextual data about the performance of your SyncKanbanK-Loops™ to give you a detailed view into your value stream, exposing waste so your continuous improvement crew can eliminate it
  • Identifies machine-level issues that are communicated and/or escalated to the appropriate parties through SyncAlert
  • Collects and analyzes machine-level and workflow data to pre-empt issues by making action plans visible organization-wide via SyncView

Real-time notification and escalation software

Value Independently
  • When disruptive events occur, quickly notify team members through manual or automatic alerts
  • Design escalation paths and the corresponding email or text messages
  • Communicate action plans to appropriate levels throughout the organization
  • Set up alert contact lists and chains of notification that automatically adjusts when shift changes occur
Value on the Platform
  • Communicates escalation and action plans to SyncManufacturingso the production plan may be adjusted as needed
  • Integrates with SyncKanbanto create alerts signaling empty Kanbans
  • Machine-level issues are communicated from SyncOperations and are escalated to the appropriate parties
  • View all open or in process issues in SyncView

More informed and more empowered

The Synchrono® Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform synchronizes your entire environment by connecting machine-level, enterprise and Synchrono® systems in real-time with information accessible on any device. This allows for complete transparency and the ability to quickly manage variability and constraints while monitoring machines and work cells. The Synchrono® Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform tracks activity across all systems and will automatically generate alerts, escalation and action plans to address any quality or flow issues in real-time.

The future of manufacturing is based on demand. See how you can synchronize your enterprise in real-time by requesting a demo today.