Manufacturing operations metrics

Customer/Sales Customerotd Customerfillrate Customerperfectorder Customersalesleadtime Operations Inventoryturns Cycletime Queueturns Scheduleadherence Constraintproductivity Stockbufferhealth Supplier ontimedelivery supplierquality Quality RMA Yield

Operations Supplier Financial Customer / Sales Compliance Quality Inventory Turns Cycle Time Queue Turns Schedule Adherence Constraint Productivity Stock Buffer Health On Time Delivery Supplier Quality Throughput vs. Operating Expense Perfect Order Percentage OTD / OTR or Fill Rate Sales Lead Time

 Metrics that Matter





Metrics that drive action in Demand-Driven Manufacturing operations

When it comes to metrics that really matter in driving demand-driven operations, we think less is more. Less conflicting measurements, more focus on actionable outcomes.

Synchrono® has developed four categories of Demand-Driven Manufacturing metrics for action in manufacturing operations. These are not metrics intended for overall business analysis. Instead, the intent here is to cut through the clutter of the all too often, and all too many, contradicting measurements and focus on the operations metrics that are going to provide insight to drive action. Action to improve flow, manage constraints, direct continuous improvement efforts and more. The goal is to provide real clarity around the elements that drive organizational excellence and enhance demand-driven results.

In working with hundreds of manufacturers around the globe, we’ve found that the key to monitoring meaningful metrics – and driving desired results – is in making the data universally visible, in real-time, throughout the organization. See how this can be enabled through SyncView®, our visual factory information system.