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Synchrono® Releases New Version of SyncManufacturing™ Demand-Driven Planning, Scheduling and Execution Software

November, 2014 – SyncManufacturing is a planning, scheduling and execution system for demand-driven manufacturing environments that drives gains in production workflow, capacity and throughput. The latest release of SyncManufacturing software features…MORE

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Synchrono® Launches New Blog focused on Demand-Driven Manufacturing

November, 2014 – Synchrono announces the launch of Demand-Driven Matters, a new blog focused on delivering valuable perspectives and generating discussions on topics related to demand-driven manufacturing concepts and environments…MORE

eKanban white paper reviews issues to be addressed in moving to pull-based manufacturing

New Synchrono® White Paper Helps Manufacturers Set the Stage for Successful Pull-Based Manufacturing Initiatives

October, 2014 – The white paper addresses a problem many manufacturing leaders face today: How to move from their current state towards the enhanced control, improved clarity and confident decision-making enabled through a Pull-based environment…MORE

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Synchrono® to Sponsor Enterprise Minnesota’s Statewide CEO Council Manufacturing Event

October, 2014 – Synchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today announced its sponsorship of Enterprise Minnesota’s Annual CEO Council event in Minneapolis on Oct. 20, 2014. Enterprise Minnesota facilitates groups across the state to provide industry executives with a structured forum to speak candidly and confidentially about issues that matter to them and to their businesses…MORE

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Managing Manufacturing Information

September, 2014 – Keeping everyone in sync and alerted to production events is essential in manufacturing. The Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform from Synchrono collects, analyzes, and synchronizes workforce, methods, materials, and machine data from multiple systems in real time and presents it in a configurable visual factory information system…MORE

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New Synchrono® White Paper Shows How Pull-Based eKanban Systems Enable Competitive Advantage for Manufacturers

July, 2014 – Struggle with inventory waste and replenishment cycles is drawing more manufacturers away from push-based manufacturing systems…MORE

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Synchrono® Extends Value of Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform with SyncAlert™ Software

June, 2014 – Synchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today announced the launch of SyncAlert, real-time notification and escalation software that empowers manufacturing teams to quickly notify the right resource about problems and enable a rapid response—while tracking the results and minimizing costly downtime…MORE

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Synchrono® to Highlight Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Summit

May, 2014 – Synchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software solutions, will be demonstrating its Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform at the upcoming Gartner Supply Chain Executive Summit, May 20-22 in Phoenix, AZ…MORE

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Manufacturers Adopting Demand-Driven Practices Benefit from Better Customer and Supplier Relationships

May, 2014 – Synchrono, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today issued a new white paper addressing a key challenge faced by today’s manufacturing leaders: how to create a more predictable environment that instills customer confidence and greater visibility across the supply chain…MORE

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Synchrono Launches Visual Factory, Data Management for Manufacturers

March, 2014 – The real-time visual factory-information system provides a view of what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process, the vendor said. Presenting activity from a variety of systems, SyncView automatically signals alerts and generates escalation and action plans to help users address any quality issues in real time. The software interacts with user-directed views, aiding in the management of variability and constraints while monitoring machines and work cells. In a related development, Synchrono has launched SyncOperations, software that allows manufacturers to monitor and synchronize data from all equipment and processes in real time…MORE

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Synchrono® Launches Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform

March, 2014 – Synchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software solutions, today announced the launch of its Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform—a unified solution that empowers manufacturers to synchronize workforces, methods, machines, materials and information for unprecedented power to troubleshoot and take demand-driven manufacturing to new levels…MORE

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Synchrono® SyncView™ Software Enables the Real-Time Visual Factory

March, 2014 – SyncView is a real-time visual factory information system that provides everyone – from operations to the extended supply chain and from the shop floor to the top floor – with a dynamic view of what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process…MORE

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February, 2014Dynisco, a plastics extrusion processing company with a very complex supply chain, is a division of Roper Industries. Dynisco implemented the SyncKanban system from Synchrono to simplify its inventory replenishment and to right-size its on-hand inventory. Through this system, Dynisco has been able to track data to monitor various KPIs, including active velocity and demand variation, and to capture pull signals to help forecasting…MORE

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Manufacturers Increase Productivity, Flow and Profitability through eKanban Systems According to New Synchrono White Paper

February, 2014 – Many of today’s discrete manufacturers are overcoming the challenges of legacy push-based systems by turning to pull-based eKanban systems that focus on throughput and flow and result in a reduction in inventory and associated costs…MORE

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Focus on Data is Key to Pull-Based Manufacturing – ThomasNet IMT Industry Market Trends

November, 2013 – Synchrono, founded in 2000 in St. Paul, Minn., has developed a software platform that helps companies control every facet of demand-driven production. The two primary applications, SyncManufacturing and SyncKanban, were created in an effort to allow manufacturers the ability to develop strictly focused strategies…MORE

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July, 2013 -Adaptive manufacturing, the smart factory, Lean and demand-driven manufacturing are all terms used by industry experts to describe the factory of the future where, according to an IDC survey, the emphasis on production capabilities, flexibility, globalization and more will require manufacturers to rethink their processes and invest in new plant floor technologies…MORE

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July, 2013 – Synchrono, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software solutions, today announced that it will be sponsoring an upcoming event for manufacturing leaders in Minnesota…MORE

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Continuous Improvement Immersion + the Right Tools Proves Profitable for Dynisco

May, 2013 – Dynisco, a Roper Industries company, was on a mission to enhance performance. This leading materials testing and extrusion-control instrumentation manufacturer was ready to embark on a Continuous Improvement journey…MORE

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Dynisco Presents Case Study on SyncKanban at Industry Event

April, 2013 – SyncKanban™ software from Synchrono, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, will be featured in an innovation theater briefing by Dynisco, a Roper Industries company, at the MDM BIOMEDevice/Design and Manufacturing conference next week in Boston…MORE